About Us

Affordable, stylish maternity clothing can be very hard to find during a time when a woman's emotions are already going in many different directions. The founder of Elegant Mommy has personally experienced this frustration during the pregancies of two children. Elegant Mommy feels that Mommy's are one of the most important, and yet the most underserved markets in today's world. This website has been developed to provide trendy, inexpensive clothing for Mommy's of every shape and size, in every phase of their pregnancy. Elegant Mommy works very hard to ensure that we are able offer a wide selection of the latest styles, brands, and accessories in sizes to fit everyone. 

Elegant Mommy also knows that many Mommy's have lots of questions that they don't know the answer to. I had many questions throughout both of my pregnancies that just couldn't be answered by my obstetrician. In order to help ease some of these concerns, Elegant Mommy has many additional features on this website for Mommy's.

Elegant Mommy could not be run by any one person alone. Behind every strong business, is a strong team and Elegant Mommy is no exception.

God works in many wonderful ways, and he showed this to our family by blessing us with three young children. Our family stays very active with young children, but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

All Mommy's have their own unique and special story to share with the world, and we hope that you will honor us by telling us yours as well! Your story may help another Mommy feel at ease during one of the most exciting times in their life.

If you would like to share any feedback, suggestions, or ways to improve our site, please contact us.