Zzz Pal Pillow

SKU: 210000020104

The Zzz Pal pillow is the perfect gift for any new parent, someone who travels frequently, is recovering from a surgical procedure that requires them to sleep upright or anyone who falls asleep in their recliner chair. They come in a variety of colors and are baby blanket soft. They are also machine washable. 

This luxurious yet supportive neck pillow was designed by Dr. Christine Duncan, a Doctor of Chiropractic. She noticed her neck was getting sore when she was nursing or rocking her baby, as she would often fall asleep in her reclining chair. She wished there was a more supportive, yet super soft neck pillow to use at night during these times. So she started looking and when she couldn’t find anything, she designed one! The ZzzPal was born! ? It’s perfect for nursing or rocking your little bundle of joy, relaxing while watching TV on the couch or for your next trip. When used during travel, and are compact enough to pack in a carry on! The material is baby blanket soft, washable and the supportive structure is optimal for keeping your neck in better alignment while relaxing, or even snoozing!The ZzzPal pillow is perfect for men AND women - with or without new babies. There is always a need to keep your neck aligned properly.