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If you have hormonal imbalances and aren't sure where to start, this female hormone drops kit is for you! Keeping hormone levels balanced is such an important key to health and well-being.

The glands in our endocrine system naturally produce and release different types of hormones into the bloodstream. However when an imbalance occurs - which could be due to one or more of several reasons, there can be too much or little of a hormone.

Hormones such as, estrogen, progesterone, even testosterone (both men and women need testosterone to lead an active life), and others in the right proportion play an essential role in regulating the different vital processes in a woman’s body - be it sleep, appetite, mood, menstrual cycle, sex drive, body temperature, or others.

Supporting your body’s natural balance of hormones is therefore necessary for overall mental and physical health as well as appearance. This is why we designed our Hormone Kit to support you in balancing several key hormones in your body. Inside this kit you will find simple yet detailed instructions on how to use 4 of our best-selling blends to help you balance key hormones.

T-Balance Drops

Low testosterone in women can lead to fatigue, low sex drive, and fertility problems whereas high levels may cause irregular periods, acne, thinning hair, and excess hair on the face and body. Our formulation can help maintain testosterone at optimum levels in women.

E-Balance Drops

Lack of estrogen in women can directly impact their body’s ability to ovulate. Our blend of e-balance drops help to prevent the problems associated with estrogen imbalance - be it too high or too low - such as weight gain, irritation, insomnia, depression, bloating, and others.

Thyroid + Adrenal Drops

Our thyroid + adrenal drops are crafted from a unique formula of organic avocado oil and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils such as, frankincense, German chamomile, spearmint, sesame, nutmeg, sage, and more. This special blend in our hormone kit will support optimum functioning of your thyroid and adrenal glands that are responsible for producing essential hormones.


P-drops - another one of our hormone regulating products in the female hormone drops kit - can help women with a host of issues such as irregular cycles, long or painful periods, and chronic bloating and fatigue. Our natural remedy for progesterone imbalance is equipped with a blend of varied pure oils harvested from nature.

Kit Includes:

E-Balance | 10 ml
P-Boost | 10 ml
T-Balance | 10 ml
Thyroid + Adrenal | 10 ml