The Fresh Test 50g - Glucose Drink

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The Fresh Test is used for the 50-gram glucose load test & it is healthy for mom and baby. With only three natural ingredients, The Fresh Test is void of unnecessary additives. FDA Registered as an equivalent glucose load test beverage; Fresh Test adheres to extensive testing and quality control to meet the American Diabetes Association’s standards. This product is meant to be mixed with 10 oz of water and consumed an hour prior to a plasma blood glucose sample. Please refer to your provider for more information.

Package of 1.

Non-GMO Dextrose – derived from corn or tapioca. 

50-gram Glucose Powder, P/N 27102055. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Consult a physician for screening protocols. Failure to follow the screening protocol can lead to inaccurate results. Mix the contents of this packet with 10 ounces of water. Mix for three minutes or until dissolved. Consume the 50-gram glucose beverage within 5 minutes. Failure to consume the entire beverage within 5 minutes can lead to inaccurate results. Per your provider and laboratory instruction, a plasma glucose measurement will be taken after 1-hour. 

The American Diabetes Association suggests that a Glucose Load Test be performed at 24 – 28 weeks of gestation in women not previously diagnosed with diabetes.

When conducting the two-step approach, the 50-gram glucose beverage should be consumed within 5 minutes. A plasma glucose measurement is then be performed at 1-hour. This test is performed at your laboratory or physician's office. Consult with your healthcare provider for more details. 

The Fresh Test offers a line of diagnostic 50-gram, 75-gram and 100-gram glucose beverages. They are intended for diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes mellitus screening.

The Fresh Test glucose beverages are additive-free and made with just three high-quality ingredients: Organic Glucose, Crystallized Lemon and Organic Mint. Our products are labeled as Diagnostic Class II Medical Devices ensuring exact equivalency to predicate glucose beverages. FDA 3017544399.

The Fresh Test products are not only clean (non-GMO, gluten free, artificial flavoring free, dye free, BPA free and preservative free) but also delicious. Nearly 100% of women enjoy the taste, greatly improving the patient experience.