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Tummy aches, gas pains, acid reflux, motion sickness, pregnancy, and general nausea are all addressed with our powerful and effective Stomach Drops. Organic avocado oil combined with eight all-star, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils help to get you feeling better fast.

TO USE: Rub 4–6 drops on stomach as needed for gastrointestinal discomfort and upset stomach.

INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL, 100% PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS: GINGER, PEPPERMINT, TARRAGON, JUNIPER, FENNEL, LEMONGRASS, ANISE, PATCHOULI. *Always check with your doctor before using a new product or supplement if you have any questions or concerns about how a product may affect your current health, medications, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.