Silver Nursing Cups

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Silver Nursing Cups prevents and heals cracks, soreness and infections.  

No lotions or creams needed.

Recommended to use Silver Mamas 2 weeks before starting to breastfeed.  Place the cups directly over the nipples for 2 hours per day.  After starting breastfeeding, use Silver Mamas as much as possible between sessions and remove the cups before breastfeeding.  Using lotions or creams will decrease the efficiency of Silver Mamams.  Use warm water to clean.  


  • Handcrafted 925 silver nursing cups to soothe and protect your nursing nipples!
  • Nipple shells for breastfeeding prevent and heals cracks, soreness, and infections.
  • Silver nipple shield is made of 925 sterling silver. No chemicals to mums or baby. Nickel free.
  • No additional creams or lotions needed.
  • Recommended to use two weeks before breastfeeding and after birth as a preventive measure to avoid irritation cuts, soreness, or cracks that are caused by breastfeeding.
  • Easy to clean the cups by gently rubbing with a water.


Regular: C cup or smaller

Large: C cup or bigger