Reflo Green

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Why use Reflo Smart Cups?

Reflo Smart Cups mimic an open cup with the added benefit of flow-control. This allows your child to learn the fundamentals of using an open cup without being overwhelmed or making a big mess, making the transition from bottles or sippy cups a smooth one. Our cups require no suction or operation of any complicated valves, so your child can simply drink from any portion of the rim, all 360 degrees. That's right, it works the same all the way around the rim. Dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free and the clever design has no threads or small places to collect dirt, gunk and germs. It's so easy to keep perfectly clean. It might be a kids' cup but it looks all grown up which encourages use. Kids want to use what they see mommy, daddy and older siblings use... and they will be so excited about their "big kid" cup.