Plant Therapy Forest Friends Diffuser

SKU: 210000015593

It’s time to meet your new best friend -- the Forest Friend Kidsafe Diffuser with a bright and colorful sticker sheet! With our fun sticker sheet, the options for customizing your new Forest Friend are endless. You can now transform your diffuser into a feisty tiger, cuddly bear, or maybe something totally unique with its very own style! Never before has Plant Therapy offered an essential oil diffuser that is so fun and customizable!

Use the music feature to play a gentle lullaby or nature sounds. The three different sound volumes keep the noise level right where you or your child are most comfortable. Choose from blue, purple, or a candlelight setting to add a relaxing glow to the room. These colorful LED lights have various settings that can be adjusted to your heart’s content.

This diffuser is made of safe-for-kids plastic and silicone, holds up to 145 mLs of water, and covers an area of approximately 480-square feet. Our Forest Friend diffuser requires no chemicals or heat, allowing for the essential oils to retain all of their natural benefits.

Our all-new sticker sheet includes a variety of high quality stickers that are designed for one time use. Stickers can be applied to any area of the diffuser’s surface; however, once removed discard, so that you may choose from other options on your sticker sheet to set your pal up for its next adventure!