Motherlove More Milk Special Blend 60 caps

SKU: 210000004190

Special Blend combines the same herbs as our popular More Milk Plus, with the added benefits of goat's rue—an herb that supports breast tissue development. This blend is available in a taste-free vegan capsule that is uniquely designed to support breast milk supply.

Special Blend was specially formulated if you:

  • Did not see a change in breast size during pregnancy
  • Delivered prematurely
  • Have had breast surgery
  • Are an adoptive mom and want to breastfeed
  • Or if you wish to relactate after weaning

Since goat's rue is helping support the development of breast tissue, please allow two to three weeks of consistent use to see results. While goat's rue is working in the background, the remaining four herbs generally work more quickly to support lactation.