Lil Hero Soft Toy

SKU: 210000029180

Super heroes never go out of style. They’re more popular than ever right now. Our Lil’ Hero is soft and smiley, but he’s also awfully mighty. This theme will put the “super” into any baby’s imagination…and parents get to be the hero, too.

Why we love:

– Super heroes are always popular

– Mary Meyer creates a unique, baby friendly version

– Comic book style print is custom designed and exclusive for Mary Meyer

– Inspirational, positive messaging continues to be strong

– On trend color palette makes it bright, lively and fun!

– 9″ tall

– Lil’ Hero stands proudly in his applique mask and custom printed cape

– Super soft plush hero character

– Comic book print is original, one of a kind Mary Meyer artwork

– All embroidered details

– Machine wash, air dry