AfterEase PREG 2oz Dropper

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You've made it! 40 long, tiresome, busy weeks and your bundle of joy has finally arrived! And just when you think you’re past the toughest part...BAM! Your abdomen tightens up, you curl into the fetal position, and start having flashbacks of early labor.

While not all mothers experience after birth contractions, it is normal, temporary, and common, particularly for those who have had multiple births. But don’t worry Mama, AfterEase relaxes your spasming uterus and calms your body so you can enjoy those first few days of warm snuggles and baby bliss!

  • Calm, support and relax the body postpartum with AfterEase.*
  • Safe and effective herbs targeting postpartum cramping and contractions.*
  • Gluten-free and Vegan.*

While all our pregnancy, postpartum and children's formulas contain organic gluten-free alcohol — which is used to extract the herbal constituents and preserve the tincture — our finished products have as much alcohol as a ripe banana per serving.

2-4 droppers full in water. Repeat if needed.

AfterEase liquid herbal supplement consists of a potent combination of fast-acting and effective organic and wild-crafted whole herbs to ease afterbirth contractions including:

  • Crampbark: Viburnum opulus is used to ease cramping and swelling of the uterus.
  • Black Haw bark: Viburnum prunifolium is well-known for its use in easing menstrual cramps and labor discomforts.
  • Yarrow aerials: Wise women healers and western herbalists have used Achillea millefolium to support women’s reproductive health for centuries. Yarrow consists of chemicals that help to soothe stomach cramps, support blood flow and may alleviate the PMS symptoms associated with sore breasts and heavy menstrual flow. It also encourages a healthy estrogen and progesterone balance, therefore assisting in herbal formulas promoting healthy hormonal balance.
  • Motherwort aerials: Leonurus cardiaca is an herb used to promote balanced bleeding and a normal inflammatory response.

Ingredients- Crampbark (Viburnum opulus), Black Haw bark (Viburnum prunifolium), Yarrow aerials (Achillea millefolium), Motherwort aerials (Leonurus cardiaca), Rocky Mountain artesian spring water, vegetable glycerine & organic gluten-free alcohol.