Circut Science Lab

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How would your youngsters like to:

  • Send a glow-in-the-dark fan soaring into the air?
  • Remotely control the speed of a fast-spinning fan?
  • Instantly alternate red & green LED lights?
  • Experiment with AND Gate, NOT Gate, OR Gate, NOR Gate & NAND Gate circuitry?
  • Plus much more – all with low voltage for safety?

Your kids can do all this & more with our unique Dr. STEM Toys Science Kit for kids 8-12 & above.

Unlike other circuit board sets, this one provides real high-gauge wires, not kiddie-style plastic snaps. Result? Your kids will get hands-on training they can actually use in real life.

Your Dr. STEM Toys Electronics Kit Offers:

  • A genuine circuit board with real wiring & LED lights
  • More than 18 absorbing experiments, ranging from a simple LED circuit to a microphone-triggered fan
  • Super-sturdy construction featuring durable ABS plastic
  • Clear step-by-step instructions for each fascinating experiment