Swaddle UP Transition Bag -Gray Star- All-Season

SKU: 210000031638
    • Transition from Swaddling: When baby starts to show signs of rolling, it's time for the Love to Dream transition swaddle for arms free sleep. Our unique transitional swaddle is an easy way to manage the change, while helping maintain an established sleep routine
    • Helps Keep Baby Settled: Our Swaddle Up Transition Bag has zip off wings to allow one free arm during the transition from baby swaddle to arms free sleep. Once both wings are removed, the Swaddle Up transition sleep sack helps your baby gently transition from swaddling to arms-free sleep without losing the comfort of being swaddled
    • Hip Healthy, Safer Sleep: Our transition baby sleeping bag design offers ample space for hip and leg flexion, and is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. With no loose layers to kick off during sleep, it's a safer alternative to a baby blanket
    • Doubly Snuggly Sleep Sack 3-6 Months: The all year round use swaddle is made with 2 layers of soft brushed cotton for added extra softness and warmth, and is ideal for room temperatures between 64 F and 75 F. Swaddle quickly in seconds with the twin zipper, for quick and easy diaper changes, even in the middle of the night
    • Why Choose Love to Dream? All our products are specially designed for different room temps and seasons to reduce the risk of overheating. Our products are made to the highest quality standards, are performance tested and certified by the relevant safety standards