Silicone Teething Toy-Mint Green

SKU: 210000023061

Biting feels good when your baby’s gums are tender. A teether to gnaw on, putting pressure on those sore gums, gives some relief. Our teether toy is made of super soft and flexible food-grade silicone — a safe material for your baby to put in their mouth. The unique design can reach all of your baby’s tender areas with pliable nubs on the sides (soothe sore molars!) and ridges on the top for your baby to chew on for front teeth.

The easy to grip shape promotes clutching and two-handed play and stimulates your baby's multisensory learning. Our teether also includes a fun "bobble head" design and a suction cup on the base.

Instructions for Use:

    • Clean before first use and after each subsequent use
    • Dishwasher safe or hand wash with mild dish soap
    • Always use with adult supervision
    • Discard at the first sign of damage