Healing Amber-Bracelets

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Baltic Amber is a fosilized tree resin & comes in a variety of colours and shapes.  Baltic Amber has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent, jewelry and decoration.  Baltic Amber contains 3-8% succinic acid, which is believed to help with pain while wearing it.  Succinic acid is a natural analgeisic and healing agent.  

Frictional electricity, another quality of amber, may have reinforced the connection between healing, magic and symbolism. If you rub amber quickly against denim or wool it becomes electrically charged and you can use it to pick up a small piece of paper.  Fun fact ~ the Greek word for amber is elektron.  The Latin word for amber is electrum.  

Amber has a long and interesting history around the globe including the famous Amber Room which was originally in Berlin, then moved to Russia.  It was considered an 'eigth wonder of the world' before disappearing in the second world war.   In Chinese cosmology, there are five elements. The fifth element is metal, a great conductor of electricity. In Akashic beliefs, the fifth element of is thought to reside in amber, which can hold an electric charge. 

One of the most interesting things about amber is the numerous plant, insect and animal species that have been preserved over thousands of years.  This gives an incredible window into the history of our world and many new species of plants and animals have been discovered from inclusions in Baltic amber. 

Amber is thought to bring 'good luck'.  
Amber is meant to be worn, never ingested or chewed.  
Never leave children unattended around amber jewelry.  

Sizing:   Our amber pieces are hand made by our team of artisans in Lithuania.  All sizes are approximate and have up to a 1 inch variance with necklaces and 1/2 inch variance with bracelets.  They all have smooth rounded edges and have many variations within their own category - no two beads are alike (colour, shape and size)!   What size to order:   Take a string and place it around your neck, wrist or ankle loosely and where you would like to wear it.  Mark the string, place it next to a ruler or tape measure and voila ~ that is your size!  Find the size that is closest to what you would like on your local retailer's website or walk on in, let them know your size and place your order.  

Amber comes in many different colours and shades and their names help explain how light or dark they are from gold to molasses!  There are many variations within each colour and don't forget to look for specks of uniqueness throughout!

What is Raw Amber?:

All of our amber is raw amber, in it's natural state.  When you see us describe a necklace or bracelet as 'raw', it means that it has a matte finish.  The rest of our amber has been polished to shine!  If you purchase a raw piece, it will end up looking polished over time.