Taylor's Eczema Calmer Balm Relief – 2oz.

SKU: 210000013967

OurEczema Calmer is finally here after perfecting!  Our co-founder and her
son suffer from eczema, so we have put this to the TEST! 

USE On inflamed, dry, itchy, owie eczema.  For use all over the body. 
Great for those super sensitive places that eczema attacks, like the
face and hands. 

We’ve formulated a special herb infused  balm to help aid in relieving and
soothing itchy, dry eczema. While we believe that eczema comes from
within and have seen it subside from diet, it’s nice to have some relief
from it while it’s bugging!    Organic, Vegan and 100% NATURAL!

Apply to affected area liberally.  Best to apply while sleeping.  If eczema
is bad on hands, apply then cover with gloves when possible, especially
in Cold, dry weather.