Sort & Squeak Eggs, Shape Sorter, Color Matching Toy

SKU: 210000020813

Encourage creative play with the brightly colored Lamaze Sort & Squeak Eggs. Removing the top shell reveals a little chirper inside. Pressing down on the chick rewards baby with a fun chirping sound. Learn colors by matching the correct face color on the top shell to the chick. Each face features a different expression which allows you to teach your baby about happy, sad, silly and more. Your child can also learn shapes by matching the correct shape on the bottom shell to the correct spot inside the egg crate. The egg crate keeps everything together and makes this a fun toy to take along while traveling.

  • Fine motor skills: Helps baby use finger and hand muscles to support increasingly precise and coordinated movements
  • Visual stimulation: Bright colors and fun designs engage and stimulate baby's attention and visual perception
  • Problem solving: Promotes cognitive development by actively engaging baby to learn and explore
  • Bonding: Promotes close, nurturing interactions between baby and caregiver
  • Great on the go: Included egg carton makes it easy to take these chirpers along for the ride