Root Beer Float Challenge Game

SKU: 210000017338

Ages 8+

The root beer float challenge is a get-off-your-couch family party game where players take turns competing in various solo, cooperative, and head-to-head challenges. Complete the challenge successfully and get an ingredient card, blow it and end up empty handed. The first player to build their root beer float is crowned the root beer float challenge champion! Compete: players take turns competing in challenges based on the roll of the die. Solo challenges, cooperative challenges and head-to-head challenges. Build: players collect and ingredient card when they successfully complete a challenge which uses that ingredient. Win!: the player who builds their root beer float by collecting all 4 ingredient cards first wins the root beer float challenge! 

  • A smooth & refreshing family party Game for 2-8 players ages 8 and up.
  • Compete against family and friends with 120 solo, cooperative, and head-to-head challenges.
  • Includes 1 ice cream ball, 2 cherries, 4 straws, 1 root beer can, 1 challenge die, and 200 Game cards.
  • Pairs well with actual root beer floats.
  • 30 minute play time.