Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

SKU: 210000030582

It’s your much needed fall companion against cold weather chapping. Enjoy the changing leaves. Take a hayride. And enjoy our Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm with a clove-forward finish. Spiced and perfect for keeping you warm as the nights get colder.

  • Made with Pumpkin Seed Oil, this lip balm will fill your lungs (and quite possibly your soul) with the wonderful magic that is Pumpkin Spice
  • 1 application. 8 hours of moisturization
  • Beeswax creates a protective barrier (emollient) on the lips to keep the harsh elements at bay while still allowing the skin to breathe
  • Protects your skin from the harsh Wisconsin Winters with lanolin; the ingredient Sherpas use to protect their lips while mountain climbing
  • Vitamin E provides an antioxidant defense from the damage of free radicals