Lemon Vines: Child Baltic Amber Necklace


One of the best uses of Amber’s healing properties comes in teething relief for babies. For centuries, European women used Amber as a natural teething remedy for their children. Just like when Amber jewelry is worn close to an adult’s body, these stones can alleviate pain for babies. The stone helps to relax the child and as the Amber gently warms due to body temperature, their teething pains fade away. Using Amber is safe, natural and takes away any need for over the counter medications.

Lemon Vines offers three sizes in children's necklaces. When checking fit, the necklace should not be able to be pulled over the child's chin, and the parent should be able to fit two fingers between the child's skin and the necklace.

Following are the sizes and ages that we have found to be average; however it is always best to try on the jewelry to ensure a correct fit.

11”— up to age 12 months as a necklace or an adult anklet

13”—12 months to 6 years old as a necklace or an adult anklet
15”— 7 years old and up - will generally be a choker on an adult