Kid Safe Bubble Truffles- locally made & extra bubbly!

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Like many things, Bubble Truffles were originally created out of necessity. Our friend Mariam’s middle daughter suffers from eczema and sensitive skin and they struggled to find products that not only helped soothe her skin, but actually kept from burning it as well. Mariam set out to find pure, more natural ingredients that would be both gentle and healing, and soon, Bubble Truffles were born. Not only were they helping her daughter’s skin, but they were a lot of fun at bathtime!

Before long, friends and family were asking where they could get Bubble Truffles for their kids.

Mariam said, “It turns out,  I wasn’t the only one who was struggling. As a parent, I how hard it can be to find products that truly offer cleaner ingredients and are gentle on our childrens’ skin. That’s why I started Mariam’s Bubble Truffles. I believe that every person, big or small,  should be able to have good, clean fun at bathtime no matter what type of skin they have.”



What are Bubble Truffles?
Bubble Truffles are a solid bar that can be held or broken up under running water to create a tub full of long lasting bubbles. All products are hand made and may vary in appearance and variety.

How long do Bubble Truffles last?
Bubble Truffles are made to last indefinitely, however the biodegradable glitter may lose color over time. The scent of the essential oils may also weaken with time.

Talk to me about your packaging.
We love our earth and want to do our part to protect it for this generation and future generations. That's why we choose to use environmentally friendly packaging that is biodegradable and compostable.

But, glitter…?
Glitter is nobody’s best friend. 
As parents, we G E T it.
We use a biodegradable glitter that disintegrates in water and doesn’t leave behind any trace. We mean it because we are serious about clean fun.
So when the fun is done the mess is gone.

Can I eat Bubble Truffles?
We know that they look good enough to eat, but please don’t eat them. Just don’t.