Juniper Soaps: Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs from Juniper Soaps ensure that you'll enjoy your moment of me time.

OrangeOrange. Refreshing, soothing, cleansing. A perfect combination for your next bath soak. 

Lavender Sink into the calming essential oil of lavender. Come out refreshed and renewed. Ready to take on the world. 

Miss Daisy - Float away from it all with the fragrance of sweet daisies in a delightful spring scent. 

Vanilla Birthday Cake Happy Birthday to you! Or maybe it's not your birthday - either way any time is a good time to enjoy this bath bomb! Revel in the soothing scent of vanilla while celebrating the time spent relaxing with the sprinkles on top. 

Lilac Spring Relax with the calming fragrance of spring lilacs in your bath. 

Milk & HoneyMmm, this smells like breakfast! Or a delicious cookie! Relax in the sweet scent of milk and honey while you dream of something sweet. 

Rose Need a midweek pick me up? Plop this into a relaxing bath and enjoy the calming floral notes of rose along with the floating rose petals while you release all your troubles. 

Blooms - Sink into the sweet smelling aroma of flowers. 

Flora - Spring blend of sweet floral aromas topped with a gumpaste flower. 

Jubilee Wake up happy or destress from the day with this pick me up blend of citrus fruits with peppermint. 

Lemon Twist Enjoy the fresh clean scent of lemon? This bomb is perfect for you! Great for a quick pick me up or a slow cleansing bath after a long week. 

Pucker Up Excite your night with a little romance. This bath bomb is infused with oils to romance your senses or your partner. 

Rain Shower Love the feeling after a rain shower? Live that experience with the citrus notes of lemon paired with the earthy smell of vetiver oils. 

Star Dust Escape into a new galaxy awakening your senses with smells of peppermint, cedarwood, grapefruit, and lemon. 

Golden Hour - Your golden hour can be spent in the bath enjoying the calming effects of the sunset in your tub!  Floral notes with an earthy scent of cedar add a refreshing touch to this bomb.