Healing Amber Adult

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Baltic Amber is a type of Amber that is found in the area of Baltic Sea. It was formed approximately 50 million years ago from specific species of pine trees. It is estimated that these trees produced about 105 tons of Amber. Once these trees fell, rivers carried Amber resources into surrounding coastal regions.
Since the ancient times it was used for making ornaments and various jewelry pieces. Jewelry makers always enjoyed working with this beautiful resin, because it is soft material and warmth to the skin. Various natural shades of Amber also help artists to create stunning jewelry pieces that are unique and never quite the same.
Also, Amber was an ingredient in perfumes and it was commonly used in medicine for its healing features. Today Amber is commonly being referred to as Succinite, because large amounts of this acid are found inside Amber. High content of this acid is the main reason why health benefits are being attributed to Amber.

Amber jewelry is becoming very popular among people who value natural lifestyle. It’s being appreciated not only due to its natural beauty, but also because of its potential health benefits. Amber jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets are worn for easing pain associated with ailments like arthritis and rheumatism, aching joints or muscles. Furthermore, natural jewelry enthusiasts wear Amber jewelry for migraine and anxiety related issues. It is thought that therapeutic effects of Amber can help to get rid of weariness, fatigue and pain. Most of therapeutic and health benefits of Amber are being explained by its high Succinic Acid content and magnetic features.