Fidella: Fusion Full-Buckle Baby Carrier

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The Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier Blossom

The Full-Buckle baby carrier can be used from the third month and a body height of 74 cm to 98 cm. The bridge (between 14 and 45 cm) and the back panel (between 31 and 43 cm) of this Wrap Conversion can be adjusted individually.The baby carrier can be used by clothing sizes XS, 32 up to XXL, 52. Therefor, the baby carrier can be worn by little and big sizes alike. The wearer can adjust the baby carrier according to his/her needs. The waist belt is adjustable between 55 and 150 cm just like the shoulder strings which are adjustable between 32 and 90 cm.

It is produced with the Jacquard classic weaving and made of 100% organic cotton. Despite the low surface weight of 205 g/m², the baby carrier is sturdy due to its dense weaving and can hold a weight of up to 15 kg.

Special features of the Fidella Fusion Full-Buckle Baby Carrier Blossom

  • Full-Buckle baby carrier
  • useable from the third monthBaby body height should be between 68-98 cm
  • bridge adjustable between 14 and 45 cm
  • back panel adjustable between 31 and 43 cm
  • for clothing sizes XS, 32 to XXL, 52
  • waist belt adjustable between 55 and 150 cm
  • shoulder strings 32 - 90 cm modifiable
  • Jacquard -classic- weaving
  • 100% organic cotton
  • surface weight of 205 g/m²
  • can hold weights of up to 15 kg