Updated 8/29:

An exciting new chapter!!!

God set our family out on a mission 10 years ago. A mission to reach families, more specifically to reach Moms. To build a community of Moms. We were never called to run a business, but a retail location became the tool that we were given to accomplish the mission. In the past few months, even the past year, the “business” of running a business has taken our family on a path that made us drift off course of the original mission. We have regrouped as a family and decided that we need to refocus on the mission to serve Moms. Our mission has not and will not be changing, we are here to serve Moms & families. It will just look different going forward. <--- God sure can change things in a hurry. That is what I said just last week before God put Lindsey and Kelcey into our lives. Our amazing new bit of news is that Lindsey Auch and Kelcey Smith will be the new owners of Elegant Mommy. I couldn't be more shocked at all of this and more happy. These amazing ladies will be carrying the torch forward for the next generation of Elegant Mommies. I can't wait for you to meet them. I will continue on as their advisor for a while and be dedicating more and more of my time to Educated Mommy. There are a couple of videos on our Facebook page explaining more about all of this. I am excited beyond belief. God is good. 

What will happen with rewards cards? Gift cards?

Any remaining rewards, Mommy’s Mad Cash, or gift cards outstanding must be redeemed by August 31.

I have credits for September thru the end of the year, when do I get to redeem those?

If you received online codes from our New Years Promotion, those codes will continue to stay active and usable in the month in which they are issued for on through the end of the year.

What is the return policy for items purchased?

All items purchased between now and September 30 are considered final purchases. An updated return policy will be put into place on October 1st!

Will your store hours stay the same?

During this transition, we will be changing our hours to accommodate the needs of our families and customers. Effective August 19th through the end of September, our store hours will be:

Monday 9am-3pm
Tuesday 9am-3pm
Wednesday 1pm-5pm
Thursday 9am-3pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

What product lines will still be in the store?

We are working hard to provide you with the best products possible! With the new ownership, there may be some change, but we are excited for these changes and can’t wait to explore some new products with you and continue to enjoy products we already love! We love our local vendors and are hoping to continue to work with them closely. If you personally know of any local vendors that you think should be carried in the store, please share them with us! We love suggestions from the community!

Will there be a time the store will be closed for any reason?

We cannot wait to meet each of you! At this time there are no scheduled dates for closing outside of normal store hours. We will be sure to let you know if we decide to close the store temporarily for any reason!

What will happen to the Facebook Chat Group?

We have been personally impacted by this group! This group has helped to form this amazing community, and just as much as we couldn’t imagine life without Elegant Mommy, we couldn’t imagine life as moms without Elegant Mommy Chat! We are so excited to get to know you through this community. This is a community that continues to thrive on positivity! At this time, the plan is to continue the community that has grown through the Facebook Chat group.

What happens with amber necklaces that I buy regarding the warranty?

All of our amber warranties are still able to be handled directly through the manufacturer. The companies we work with are aware that we are in a season of change and will work with you as long as you have your receipt. A new amber warranty may be put into place following the ownership transition. Please keep an eye out for a new policy in relation to amber products!

Will you be discounting products?

We know that everyone loves a “deal” but we hope that our community will be able to understand that we are not able to run a “fire sale” or sell items for pennies on the dollar during this transition. We still have new shipments arriving daily and will continue to get shipments that we already had planned from all of those great buying trips we were on earlier this year. We still want Sioux Falls to have access to awesome products with the service you’ve come to expect throughout this transition process! There will be some discounts on products that may be transitioned out of the store. We would love to see you at our Labor Day Tent Sale!  

What about Educated Mommy classes? I am signed up for one or planned on signing up.

Educated Mommy classes will continue as planned indefinitely. If you are registered for a class or plan on registering please continue that plan. Educated Mommy will stay in the same location for the foreseeable future.

Last date to pick up online orders?

Our customer pick up bins have LOTS of goodies in them! We would love for you to take a peek through them when you visit in the coming weeks. We would like to have all orders picked up by September 15th.

Are products online and in the store the same?

Everything on the website is in the store, but the store has many more products. Please stop by the store for the most accurate inventory levels and product options. We will be doing our best to keep our online inventory accurate through this transition, but we might have some hiccups, so bear with us please!

I special ordered an item, how am I going to get it?

All special orders will be arriving as planned and available for pickup during any open hours.

Where will I be able to buy local vendors like Rebekah Scott Designs, Marnies, SmugMugs, Brickhouse Creations or Lexibugs once you close?

We love our local Moms to the moon & back. They have been such a huge part of our story over the years and we have the same concern! All of these lovely ladies have their own sales avenues such as Facebook, websites and Etsy stores. All of these lovely ladies are going to be keeping our shelves FULLY stocked for the rest of August. We want you guys to sell us out of their stock every day so we can help them feel secure through this transition as well!! The new owners Lindsey and Kelcey will be seeking new and renewed relationship with local vendors. We will keep you posted. 

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