Make Clay Charms

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A charm bracelet with darling charms of your own design!

Cute little critters and sweet treats become objects of affection. There are enough designs to keep you busy clay-constructing for days!

Making clay charms sounds complicated, messy and hard. And maybe it was... until this book came along! Step-by-step instructions teach clay techniques to ensure fantastic results!

Pick a design and ready your Clay Shaping Tool that enables you to make concise cuts and add professional looking details. Follow the illustrated instruction guide to make clay figures that are so irresistibly cute it's surprising they're made by kids.

Once a masterpiece is finished, pop it into a normal oven to bake. Dip the baked charm in a specially formatted Glaze for that trendy-smooth glow! The last step is the best of all... attach your special charm to the included bracelet and admire YOUR work!

Clay Charms encourage children to develop new skills, express themselves in a positive way and be creative! Make a charm to remember a special event or day! Mold one just because it makes you giggle.

Clay Charms

  • A make-your-own clay charm kit
  • An affordable and fun way to customize your charm bracelet
  • Encourages children to express themselves and be creative
  • Develops new skills in an attractive way
  • Over 30 unique, adorable designs
  • Fold-out drying and display stand
  • Includes: clay shaping tool, special glaze, jump rings, charm loops, charm bracelet
  • 9 bright clay colors: blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, white, brown, bronze
  • Step-by-step, detailed, instruction book
  • Quality fun with lasting results