Taylor's SanitizerSanitize It -multi surface spray 9oz

SKU: 210000013315

Chemical Sanitizers are used widely across our nation and we are happy to be offering an ALL NATURAL alternative that kills the same amount of germs as chemical based santizers. Kills 99.9% germs (and ONLY the bad ones)!

SUPER easy and safe for little hands! Smells fantastic! A MUST for travel, schools, flu season and more! Our Sanitizer doesn't kill the "good germs!" We like to keep our natural antibodies in our environment, so that our bodies can fight them off naturally, as mother nature designed!

Organic: 62% ethanol, distilled water, french lavender essential oil

Directions: Simply spray and walk away!  Or, spray & wipe if also cleaning surfaces.  

Use on any germy, sticky, dirty, yucky surfaces. Perfect around schools, homes, public toilets, and any other germ-filled spaces.  Great for hands in already humid climates that don't need an added moisturizer.