Momzelle: Nursing Dresses

SKU: 210000009656


THE nursing dress for you! Wear it casual on a warm sunny day or add some chic with accessories. Whatever the occasion, breastfeed your little one easily.  


Yes, you can breastfeed in this dress! Just undo the buttons to access your nursing bra. The inside panel stays in place to keep you covered and comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. A soft cotton blend, this dress is perfect for summer adventures with your family.  


This dress is perfect for special occasions: weddings, baptisms, the new version of date night (table for three!). The criss-cross panels keep you covered above the breast by lifting the outer panel up on the right side and pulling it down on the left. The fabric is soft and flowing. 


The summer dress you were waiting for! With the look of denim but the comfort of lyocell! Easy breastfeeding thanks to the detachable panel.