* Snow Fort Building Blocks 4 Piece

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??Fully Equipped: A complete range of snowball maker and sand mold kit that contains a snowman maker clip, a snow soccer ball mold, 5 snowball makers, a shovel, a bucket, a spatula, and a snow-brick mold.
??Scoop Scoop Scoop: Keep your hands dry and warm. Simply scoop up snow into the molds to make snowballs in seconds!
??Grabbable: All pieces are designed with easy-to-grab handles! They allow kids to grip comfortably!
??Designed for Snow or Sand: The mold toy can also be applied to beach sands! Mold the same shapes using sands!
??Creative Fun: Stack up the snows or sands and play creatively! Build mini snowmen with the snowball maker! Create sandball castles on the beach!