Mind-Shapes Multi-Sensory Soft Activity Shape Set

SKU: 210000015351
  • BLACK AND WHITE DEVELOPMENTAL TOYS: From Manhattan Toy’s award winning Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection - the original innovator of black and white developmental toys. The patterns of all Wimmer-Ferguson products adapt to baby's changes in visual development by featuring a range of design complexity and color, inspired by laboratory research.
  • MIND-SHAPES MULTISENSORY PLAYSET DETAILS: Each shape features visually stimulating, Wimmer-Ferguson researched black and white and color print graphics and hidden auditory stimuli, such as crinkle paper, a rattle, and a chime.
  • MADE FOR LITTLE HANDS: The Mind-Shapes playset is a safety rated baby toy for newborns and up that includes three unique soft sculpted shapes with various textures - sized and weighted just right for little hands to grasp and move around.
  • VISUALLY APPEALING HIGH CONTRAST TOY FOR INFANTS: Professional research has shown that newborns are more attracted to high-contrast patterns than to color or brightness alone. The Wimmer-Ferguson Mind-Shapes were designed for this purpose, encouraging baby to learn pattern recognition.
  • WIMMER-FERGUSON COLLECTION BY MANHATTAN TOY: The developmental toys for babies and infants in the Wimmer-Ferguson collection encourage eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence and experience with cause and effect.
  • age 0+